In 30 seconds set up regular scans of your website.
We'll automatically notify you of any new vulnerabilities.

What is ArmorHub?

ArmorHub enables people to quickly set up regular scans of their business or personal website and let us handle their security for them. It is a cloud-based security scanner that delivers critical vulnerability information about your website on demand. It was designed from the ground up to automate your IT security auditing and to be simple and easy to use. ArmorHub will provide a comprehensive assessment of your website's vulnerabilities.

Why does my business need ArmorHub?

ArmorHub's best-in-class vulnerability scanner is the most effective way to proactively protect your website from threats. We make it as easy as entering your website address to get started, and we will protect you from malicious activity before it materializes. Firewalls cannot prevent attackers from using application-level exploits to breach your website, while intrusion detection systems and antivirus software miss the types of issues ArmorHub checks for and can only address the threats after your website's already been exploited.

How often do I need to scan my network?

With new security threats growing every day, annual security audits have become a thing of the past. ArmorHub aims to automate your website security so that you can set it and forget it. We offer monthly, weekly, and daily scans for your website depending on your level of vigilance. You can schedule them in advance, or perform them on-demand after making changes to your website. Either way we will provide a complete and accurate assessment of your vulnerabilities.

What vulnerabilities does ArmorHub check for?

We perform a comprehensive scan of your website, looking for the most important vulnerabilities out there. The scanner crawls your website's API's, forms, links, cookies, headers, and more. We check for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities as well as a proprietary collection of the most common exploits and vulnerabilities. We are constantly updating this list to make sure you're protected against the latest threats.

How does ArmorHub notify me of new threats?

ArmorHub will send you an automatic email notification each time a scan is completed. You'll also receive an email notifying you when new vulnerabilities are found on your site. You can change your email preferences at any time in Account Settings.

What measures does ArmorHub take to protect my data?

ArmorHub does not store any of your company's proprietary data, but does store information regarding the security threats identified on your website. The presentation of these vulnerabilities to you takes place over a secure 256-bit SSL encrypted connection. Of course this information is not disclosed to any third parties.

What level of availability can I expect from ArmorHub?

You can access our security scanner through your web browser anytime, and from anywhere.